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We practice social distancing and hand  sanitized cleaning. 

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Expert Blind Cleaning Melbourne for Super clean blinds working
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We provide an affordable Blind Cleaning Service in Melbourne and blind repairs in Melbourne.

Dirty or broken blinds? call us at Expert Melboune Blind Cleaners. We remove your blinds, inspect, clean, service, repair & sanitize them.

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We’ll come and collect your blinds from your home or office anytime that’s convenient for you. This is including evenings or weekends because we know that sometimes it can be difficult to work these things into your busy schedule.

The most experienced blind cleaners in Melbourne as well as Blind Repair Service in Melbourne

• We clean all blinds as well as repair all types of window coverings

• Venetian Blinds, aluminum and timber varieties Oil Re-Oiling

• Pleated Shades, Roman and Holland Roller Blinds

• Verticals including the tracks, cords, and chains

• Hospitals, Medical Centres, Schools, Offices,

• Builders renovations

Call 1800 668 68

• All our work is absolutely professional and fully guaranteed

So how do you clean my blinds?

Your blind is cleaned in one of our special ultrasonic cleaning tanks. These stainless steel cleaning tanks are similar to the ultrasound tanks used to clean surgical instruments in hospitals, medical centres and other similar services.

So What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Put simply, our state of the art cleaning tanks are fitted with transducers that produce sound waves in the cleaning fluid. This, in turn, creates millions of micro bubbles, which are caused through cavitations. These bubbles move at very high speeds through the water, penetrating even hard to get at areas and imploding, causing the dirt and grime to be gently removed.
What this means is that every single part of the blind is thoroughly cleaned including the slats, ladders, cords and working mechanisms. It really is amazing.

Whether your blind cleaning requirements are for Venetian blind cleaning or vertical blind cleaning or even pleated or roller blinds. “The Expert results speak for themselves ”
You see below some before and after photos of just a couple of the many different types of dirty blinds we clean and repair every day.

Call the Expert blind cleaners in Melbourne 1800 668 168

We carefully take down all your window blinds for you. They are then taken back to our specially equipped factory for expert ultrasonic cleaning and maintenance.
When they have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, the blinds are then carefully inspected to make sure that they are working properly before being promptly returned to your premises and installed back on your windows.

Whether you choose our prompt same day pick up service or our mobile onsite blind repair services, you will discover that Expert Blind Cleaning and Blind Repairs is both professional, and very affordable.
You will wonder why you haven’t called us before now.

Oh! and did we mention that you can make further savings by dropping off your blinds directly at our factory ? .

Melbourne Expert Blind Cleaning Contractors

At Expert Blind Cleaning We service Melbourne and all suburbs

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