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Blind Repairs. Damaged blinds? Broken Cords? We are here to help.
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Blind Repairs.  blinds hanging crooked or damaged? Damaged or broken blinds are annoying and detract from your windows overall appearance. Don’t let the lack of maintenance and minor repairs ruin the proper functioning of your blinds.

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Blind Repair in Melbourne

Why Buy New Blinds When You Can RE-NEW Your Existing Blinds? Do you need your broken blinds repaired? You will have noticed many curtains and blind companies don’t want anything to do with repairs.
That’s why we created our Melbourne blind repairs service. The quickest, convenient, most cost-effective blind repair service in Melbourne.
Wouldn’t You Like to Save Money? Look at it this way, you wouldn’t replace perfectly good blinds when they can be repaired, like new, for a fraction of the cost.
Your blinds may be broken but it doesn’t mean they need replacing. Your damaged blinds can be either repaired onsite at our shop.
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Why Choose Us? We’ve got the solution…whether it’s just one blind, or your whole home or office. We offer affordable pricing options, fast dependable service, and full-service repairs. Even more importantly, you can rest assured that all our repairs include parts and labour warranties.
Our repair service includes:
• Replacement parts
• Restringing
• Roller shade repairs
• Motorized shade repairs
• Cordless shade repair
• On-site or in-shop repairs
• And much more…
Why Waste Time Sitting in Traffic? We Come to You. You may choose to save time and hassle by having us come to you. Our skilled blind repair technicians can repair most blinds right on site, or you may drop off your blinds at your convenience.
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Professional Results is What We Deliver You’re in for a pleasant surprise. Our technicians have seen it all when it comes to blind repairs. Our friendly technicians are, fast and have over 30 years of combined experience. Below is an example of the common issues you may experience.
Venetian Blind Repairs As you know many Venetian blinds have common problems. Firstly, the pull cords unexpectedly wear out and the aluminum slats become bent, broken and unsightly. Due to the nature of many moving parts the mechanisms, such as tilt and turn wands eventually stick and become damaged.
Just a note to let you know, we not only repair your blinds, we also provide a full maintenance service for your Venetian blinds.
Holland or Roller Blind Repairs A typical issue with Roller Blinds or Holland Blinds is damage to the material of the blind. Your blinds can quickly become frayed and often come away from the top of the blind. And that’s not all, sometimes the mechanisms or gears become jammed and need repairs.
Yes, we hear your frustration…All the common maintenance issues make opening and closing of your blinds increasingly difficult and contribute to further damage of your blinds.
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Pleated Shades Repairs I’m sure you’ll agree, over time—pleated shades can look poorly when they become lopsided, or difficult to open and close. Once these ongoing issues occur the problems will rapidly become worse unless you repair the blinds and fix the problem. The good news is, a regular service will prevent your pleated shades from becoming damaged and remain in excellent working order.
Timber Blind Repairs You’ve probably noticed that your beautiful timber blinds are losing the grand, luxurious look from when they were new. Due to a lack of regular oiling and maintenance—increasingly over time, your wonderful timber blinds will eventually become difficult to adjust, dusty and slowly start to fade.
Whatever type of fitting you have, Expert Blind Repairs will preserve the look and functionality of your blinds. Which means that, not only will your blinds look amazing, your blinds will also stand the test of time.
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