Blind Repairs

Blind Repairs. Damaged blinds? Broken Cords? We are here to help.
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Blind Repairs.  blinds hanging crooked or damaged? Damaged or broken blinds are annoying and detract from your windows overall appearance. Don’t let the lack of maintenance and minor repairs ruin the proper functioning of your blinds.

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Blind Repair in Melbourne

  Blind cleaning not only helps to ensure your blinds always look their best. Regularly cleaned and serviced blinds are likely to last longer and provide a healthier atmosphere. As specialists in ultrasonic blind cleaning we bring a new lease of life to a wide range of blinds and window coverings. Whether you have vertical or venetian, Holland roller or pleated blinds, our Expert Blind Cleaning and Repairs Service delivers the best results.


Vertical Blinds Repairs

 Vertical blinds look good and work well when properly maintained. However, over time, the bottom clip and chains can break or become lost. Pegs can become brittle and break because of exposure to the sun and mechanisms can become stiff and difficult to operate. On top of repairing any of these common problems we also recondition all tracks, cords, and chains.

 Venetian Blinds Repairs

 A number of things can go wrong with venetian blinds. Pull cords can wear out, while the aluminum slats can become broken or bent. Mechanisms and tilt and turn wands can stick or become damaged without proper care. As well as repairing any of these problems we provide a full maintenance service of your venetian blinds.

  Roller Blinds Repairs Holland Blind Repairs

 Roller blinds, also called Holland blinds, typically suffer from broken bead control chains and damage to the material of the blind. The material may come away from the top of the blind, or the material can become frayed. Alternatively, and as with many different types of blind, the mechanisms and gears can become jammed. All of these problems make operating the blind difficult, and also detract from the overall look of the blind.

 Pleated Blinds Repairs

 Pleated Blinds are an effective looking window covering, but the pleats themselves can hang lopsided especially over time. Professional cleaning and restringing will help to fix this problem. The more frequently you have your blinds serviced, the less likely this will be a problem.

 Timber Blinds Repairs

 Timber blinds provide a unique and luxurious look to any room. However, in order to get the best from the cedar wood that is used, it is necessary to oil the blinds every few years. This helps preserve their natural beauty and restore their natural finish.

Blind repairs help to preserve the look and effectiveness of your blinds. Whatever type of blinds you have, the Expert Blind Cleaning and Repairs Service will ensure that your blinds look and work just like new again.